Plus Delta’s CEO to Co-Host Presentation on Implementing Cost-Saving Benefit Strategies While Increasing Employees Perceived Value


Many of today’s employees are accustomed to employer-provided rich benefit packages with high employer contributions. They are also more benefit savvy as more vendor benefit communication is being directed at the individual versus the employer. In a time where the average employee has come to expect growing benefits packages and high employer contributions, how do organizations that can no longer afford to maintain this trend make changes without causing discontent among the employee population?

There is no lack of discussion surrounding what more HR executives must do to please both the executive team and the employee population. The Human Resources department realizes that it must get used to the trend of doing more with fewer resources, but how can it continue to do this efficiently and cost effectively? To whom can you turn for proper guidance and to help you accomplish these tasks?

For answers to these questions and more, please join Jeremy Lurey, CEO of Plus Delta Consulting, and Nadine Dwan, Employee Benefits Advisor/Broker at Beneflex Insurance Services, for this virtual presentation on “Implementing Cost Saving Benefit Strategies While Increasing Employees Perceived Value of Benefits” on May 9th from 12-1pm ET. Don’t miss your chance to learn valuable strategies to drastically increase employee satisfaction and commitment in your organization!

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